Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slogan competition!!!

Yes, a chance to win stickers and a t-shirt and baseball cap with the brand new Saint William Brewery logo, be the first to wear and display it!

So, what do you have to do to get these awesome and exclusive goodies?

At the same time of submitting the trademark for the brewery name, I looked into trademarking 'Taste the Legend', to capture the spirit of our brewery: rooted in long gone history, shrouded by centuries, offering great beer today, building for the future! An invitation to share and enjoy, and to become part of a long line of people who live life to the full.
Unfortunately, research showed that Stewart's Restaurants, the makers of Stewart's Root Beer (a soft drink), have been using that very same slogan since the early 1990's. And have trademarked that this year... So I have to go back to the drawing board.

This is where you come in. Look at the very first post in this blog, for a short telling of the story of our brewery. Then, leave your comments and submit your best and most creative ideas for a great slogan! With the outline for the previous slogan and that story as the basis, you are free to do whatever! I will pick the 5 I think capture our brewery the best, and will put those up for a vote in a poll, within about 1 month. The first to post a certain slogan will be credited with it (the time stamp on your comment will be proof).
Get a nice cold beer, and start thinking! Pass out the word, and share the chance to win awesome prizes!

The 5 slogans picked in the end will all win a sticker, the first prize winner will also take home a t-shirt and baseball cap!

  • Use the first post on this blog as starting point (click here to view), and the initial slogan 'Taste the Legend' with the explanation of it I gave here earlier.
  • Pour yourself your favorite brew (optional) and start being creative and inspired, and come up with the best possible slogan to promote Saint William Brewery.
  • Post a comment in this thread, with your name and the slogan. (First click on 'post comment', then click on the drop down menu  'comment as' and select 'name/URL'. Enter your full name, and you can leave the field for the URL empty.
  • Then send an email to us (click here) with your name and that slogan, in order to be notified if you are a winner. (This way you don't have to leave your email in public. We will not use your email address for any other purpose as to notify you in case you are selected. Your privacy is important to us!).
  • You can submit as many entries as you want. You are also allowed and encouraged to pass this competition around, to share with your friends, giving them a chance to win as well!
  • I will select the 5 entries I judge to be the best and most fitting, which will then be put up for a vote in a poll. Deadline is May 5th. The 5 selected entries will win an exclusive sticker with the brewery logo. The entry with most votes will be used by Saint William Brewery, and the person who submitted it will win, apart from bragging rights, a t-shirt and baseball cap with the  brewery logo. When you are notified you are a winner, that email will ask you to reply with your address, so we can ship the stickers and first prize (we will also ask for t-shirt size in that email).


  1. Legendary Brew

    old 'n bold

    tradition. taste. triumph.

    Where legend is brewed

    "Of Legend, for Today"

    Taste for the ages

  2. Man Made. God Approved.

    A Spiritual Awakening in every sip

    Taste Devine Providence

    Laugh with the Saints

    Permission to lick the glass? Granted.

    The Final Miracle

    Veneration in every pour

    Don't speak. Meditate then Drink.

  3. Here are some more:

    Helping God answer prayers one drink at a time

    You are Saved. Yeah, You're Welcome.

    Anything else would be profane

    Heavenly Brew with a sinful bite

    Not idolatry...but close.

    Converting is inevitable. Don't fight it.

    A great beer after a hard day of self-flaggelation

  4. And....

    Born in Belgium. Raised in America.

    Belgian Pedigree...American Atitude

  5. Brewing the legend (... for you)
    The Legend is now brewed

    as far as this makes any sense ;-)

  6. A Balanced Beer for a Full Life

    Lariv, well done with "Anything else would be profane."

  7. Okay, here's a few....

    Monastic tradition, modern innovation

    Cervisia divina - Latin that roughly translates to divine beer

  8. Approved by God

    What they drink in Heaven

    This is no Bud Lite

    For beer snobs only

    For people who know their hops

    Brewed by a crazy Belgian

    Blessed by a real Belgian

    Belgian beer done right, finally!

    Be a saint, buy our beer

    For Belgian beer lovers

    When lite beer just isn't enough

    Because you care to drink the best

    Smooth. Enjoyable. Belgian.

    You'll pray for more

    You'll thank God after this beer

    Patron saint of our brewery

    Because taste matters

    Let our beer bless you

    Enjoy this beer, or else!

    Too good for an aluminum can

    Serve this to win friends and influence enemies

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