Monday, February 14, 2011

The brewery, a short history

Saint William was Duke of Aquitaine in the 800’s, who as a knight spent the first half of his life in battle in loyal service to Charlemagne (his feats of arms have been sung in several medieval romans de geste!). At some point, he realized he had done enough worldly battle, and that it was time for spiritual battle. So he started an abbey, and spent the rest of his life in prayer. Part of the original claustrum (covered gallery) of this abbey is now in the Metropolitan Museum in New York. One can define this Saint’s life in a simple phrase: ‘Live life to the full, but balanced’! This set the tone for a lot of other Williams to step up, and at the top of their game do great things. One of them was a Flemish writer, ‘William die Madocke maeckte’. He wrote the fabled animal stories about ‘Reynaert’, a rebel fox who outsmarts all the established powers in the land. William the conqueror was another, as was William Shakespeare, William Wallace,… the list goes on. Now the Saint William Brewery plans to step up in this illustrious line, to live life to the full, balanced, and to help others achieve that, by blending old world traditions together with new world innovation, creating beers of great flavor and depth. The perfect companion to meals, conversations, outings, books, movies,…. To help you balance busy life with a slice of heaven. Savor the legend!

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