Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craft beerds:a fun take on beer art

Everyone hates to find a hair in their food, let alone in their drink. But finding facial hairs on the label and/or logo of the brew you're enjoying is a whole different thing. There is a whole new subculture in the art world, driven by the explosion of Craft Beer. A good friend of mine, Greg, devotes his blog The PourCurator almost exclusively to beer art.

From his blog:
As the craft beer boom as introduced us to myriad and delicious flavors, it has also spawned a great deal of art and design work. Craft breweries are more than just sources of intoxication; they are community hubs for all types of creativity. So this Pour Curator will try and look at craft beer's contributions to art, whether it's through label art, posters, tap handles, or something even stranger, preferably with a glass or goblet of deliciousness in hand.
 And Fred Abercrombie is another beer lover with a knack for great beer and awesome graphics. And for beards. He is the brain behind a book that is slated to come out around December this year, called "Craft Beerds". What started as a small project to self publish, consisting of a collection of beer labels featuring noteworthy facial hair, quickly outgrew the original plan. So he is looking for some help launching the book on kickstarter (go here to support him!). Every cent goes to publishing costs, and there are some really cool rewards as well!

A sample of the vast collection, over 175 breweries and their art are included!

Go ahead, be an art patron and beer lover all at once, and support this book (and perhaps see our logo featured as well?). Cheers!