Saturday, April 16, 2011

Final preparations before leaving for training in Belgium

Am almost ready to leave...

There, am about set. Packed my bags, and got some extra bottles of beer for the brew master in Belgium. A sample of what is happening here in the US beer world.
Given the current hype to barrel age beer, I got a nice bottle of the bourbon oak barrel aged 2009 Cellar Reserve Old Stock Ale from North Coast Brewing Company, a bottle of La Fin Du Monde, from Unibroue ( a personal favorite), 2 bottles of Brooklyn Brewery Pennant Ale 55, Paper City Brewery's Rileys Stout, Blue Point Brewing Co's Toasted Lager, Weyerbacher Simcoe Double IPA, Southern Tier Brewing Co's UnEarthly Imperial IPA (both the 9.5 and 11 % ABV versions), and  McNeils Extra Special Bitter Ale. It is only a sample, of course, not meant to be a complete covering of everything that is happening.

Got a bottle of Knob Creek Bourbon for my dad as well. Nice drink as well!

For the rest, I packed my books and paperwork, my camera (pics will be coming starting midweek!), passport, e-ticket printed out,... I think I am ready. Next time you hear from me, it will be from the land where my passion for beer all began! On the program for me: bottling, 6 barrel and 30 barrel brew house batches, from mashing to maturation, and in between taste testing, quality control, and more interesting technical discussions and sessions. Got a whole box of pens and loads of paper to take notes!

Cheers all!


  1. Nice way to spend Easter!

    Knob Creek - Good choice!

    Godspeed Mr. V!

  2. Who provides this training? I would be interested too, any more information?

    Thank you!