Friday, April 1, 2011

Logo in the works

At the moment I am working with a graphic designer in Belgium, Hans Verdoodt ( He has this rare skill to be able to rework old and traditional images, giving them a new, modern and contemporairy look, while at the same time preserving the familiar, old feel of that image. Another reason to go to him was that he knows beer in and out, so the project to create a design for the Saint William Brewery is in good hands with him. At this moment we decided on a draft, that now is being worked out in different variations, out of which we will then choose the final image, brush it up, and then unveil!

This will then be the foundation to start working on beer labels. For a lot of people, that label will be the very first impression they have of the brewery and our beers. So this is of vital importance! It needs to convey the story of Saint William Brewery, in a blink, look attractive and inviting. It needs to be recognizable and powerful in it's imagery. A tall order! There are so many ways to go, very modern, very classic, and everything in between.
The question we are asking ourselves as we look at each draft is this. Imagine standing in a liquor store, and you are holding two bottles of beer in your hands. One random beer, one of Saint William's beers. Would this logo, this label, invite that person to take our bottle home for a great savory experience?

At this moment there is nothing to show yet, but I can assure you that I am at least as anxious to see the finalized logo as much as you are, after this teaser post! ;)


  1. Looking forward seeing these images!!! do they scream take me?

  2. i am so currious to see it!
    I know Hans, he will do a great job!

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