Saturday, April 9, 2011

Preparation update

Wow, you guys are awesome! There are some slogan entries that are just fabulous! Keep up the work, and you might just be the one winning the exclusive goodies!

This coming week will be all preparation to leave for Belgium, where I will receive brewing training on a large 25-30 barrel brew house. If you are not acquainted with that unit of volume, 1 US barrel is 31 US gallons, 117.3litres, or just about 55 six packs. That means that I'll be making about 775 to 930 gallons of beer at a time, worth 1650 six packs of delicious brew, at a time! What an upgrade from a 3 gallon carboy... There will be a lot to learn about the recipes I will be using, about quality control, consistency, the fine inner workings of the equipment, and just the traditions and know-how that this 3rd generation brewer has acquired. It will be a privilege to be learning from him!

Of course, once I am there, I will keep you updated about all the *ahum* hard work I will be doing there, and post pics as well. For now, time for me to study some more biochemistry and engineering, to be fully prepared!


  1. We can't wait to sample the fruit of your labors bro! Jon L.

  2. Wim, thought you would appreciate this...

  3. oh, and here is his diary...

    -Pete Touhill