Wednesday, April 13, 2011

New Poll: why do you buy the beer you buy?

You must have noticed. More and more stores are offering an ever increasing selection of beers. New brews from old and well established breweries, obscure and small micro to nano breweries, weird looking labels, interesting labels, bottles that look so exquisite (and expensive), bottles that look just right to chug down after a hot afternoon's work in the garden, small ones, large ones, huge ones... Beers you grew up with, beers you have never seen before or even heard of, imported, domestic, premium, craft,... The choice offered to you seems dazzling!

So now I was wondering. Is this explosion in choice a burden? A nuisance? An exciting treasure trove waiting to be explored and sampled?

Or to put it differently:
Are you one of those people that run into a liquor store, pick up the closest six pack or case, and race back past the counter to your car? Do you perhaps spend hours strolling through the aisles, pondering which beer would go well with the meal you are thinking to cook later that day? Or do you have a target list, consisting of beers you read about and have to try?
Perhaps a commercial you saw, a special announcement you read...

Let us know how you go about buying your beer, and leave any additional comments to explain that in greater detail (especially if you selected 'Other'), if you so wish. You can find the poll on the right side of this window ==>

(And the slogan competition is still open, with some really great suggestions already given. Do not miss your chance to win, and challenge your friends to try to outdo you in creativity! Check this link, and forward to your friends: Good luck!)


  1. I don't buy that much beer in stores, and if I do, it's usually beers I already know and like to drink. Which one I choose depends on the occasion : party with some friends, as a gift, ingredient for cooking, ...

    But I do try some new beers when going to a bar, or at a party, or at a beer tasting event. And if I like them I might buy them in a shop.

  2. ik kijk hoeveel alcohol er in zit haha :-)

  3. I selected "Other" in the poll because I choose beers based on loyalty, therefore from my locality, Michigan, especially if they're brewed in the Belgian style. But, they have to be good, of course! And most are pretty good!

  4. Hey! I found you guys via the Beer and Whiskey Brothers. I'm very excited to hear that you're starting a new brewery in the Garden State (and a Belgian style one no less!). I live in Flying Fish territory.


    I'm still a relative novice to the world of craft brew, so I'm still in discovery mode. Thankfully, I am surrounded by great beer bars in Philly and live down the road from The Pourhouse in Westmont, NJ, so access to craft beer is never an issue. When I do go out and buy beer, I usually go with mixed six packs. More expensive of course, but infinitely more fun. If I happen to find something I like, then I buy it again or seek it out on draught.

    Look forward to trying your beers!