Friday, May 6, 2011

Logo Reveal For Saint William Brewery

Finally, the designing stage is over, and we have our very own logo!

So here it is, the new logo for Saint William Brewery:

This logo conveys the message and identity of Saint William Brewery. A clear link with Belgian tradition, the quality and ethos of monasteries is evoked through the image of a saintly monk. The sharp and simple lines represent the modern innovative interpretation of the old ways, the American ground on which this ages old idea will be build up and experience a new birth and a new expression. The monk looks at us frontally, in a frank and almost provoking posture, daring us to join him partaking in delightfully savory brews. A smirk on his lips shows he does not take himself too serious, but rather wants to sit down with you and share some beer and stories. His glass of beer is not by accident the shining center of the whole logo! The sword and the mashing rake are a clear reference to Saint William's life: the first part battling as a soldier, the second part of his life fighting spiritual battles as a monk (see the short history here). It shows his philosophy: 'Live life to the full, but balanced!' The parchment background with the wind-touched ears of grain form the perfect backdrop: all we do is ultimately based on centuries old traditions, and we will use only the best of natural products. The best our forefathers had to offer, now brought here to you, for your own enjoyment and salvation from thirst and mediocrity!

With a very special thanks to Hans Verdoodt, the designer, the guys at the Stirling Hotel for the continued feedback helping to shape this project, and the real life saint who inspired me and taught me.


  1. Looks great Wim! I have to say... I love the beard :)

  2. Since there's an SW on the glass, it just occurred to me that this brew is going to have to be the official brew of the brotherhood I'm in, the Servants of the Word (SW)!

  3. Brian, as soon as we are up and running, I'll gladly send over a batch to test, to see if you indeed want to make it your official beer :)