Saturday, May 7, 2011

Extension Slogan Competition

Since we just released our brand new and very official logo, I thought it only fair to give you all a renewed chance to enter our competition! Let this new logo inspire you as well, and blow us off our chairs with your witty and captivating slogans, make us thirst for Saint William brew simply by reading your well phrased lines. Tell your friends, pass this around, and challenge each other to see who will come out as one of the top 5, and who will be the ultimate winner!

So as a quick reminder:

  • Use the first post on this blog as starting point (click here to view), and the initial slogan 'Taste the Legend' with the explanation of it I gave here earlier. And of course, let the merry saintly monk from the logo inspire you as well!
  • Pour yourself your favorite brew (optional) and start being creative and inspired, and come up with the best possible slogan to promote Saint William Brewery.
  • Post a comment in this thread, with your name and the slogan. (First click on 'post comment', then click on the drop down menu  'comment as' and select 'name/URL'. Enter your full name, and you can leave the field for the URL empty.
  • Then send an email to us (click here) with your name and that slogan, in order to be notified if you are a winner. (This way you don't have to leave your email in public. We will not use your email address for any other purpose as to notify you in case you are selected. Your privacy is important to us!).
  • You can submit as many entries as you want. You are also allowed and encouraged to pass this competition around, to share with your friends, giving them a chance to win as well!
  • I will select the 5 entries I judge to be the best and most fitting, which will then be put up for a vote in a poll. Deadline is now June 1st. The 5 selected entries will win an exclusive sticker with the brewery logo. The entry with most votes will be used by Saint William Brewery, and the person who submitted it will win, apart from bragging rights, a t-shirt and baseball cap with the  brewery logo. When you are notified you are a winner, that email will ask you to reply with your address, so we can ship the stickers and first prize (we will also ask for t-shirt size in that email).

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