Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Beer and Saint William and friends

We are still in our very early stages of building our brewery, but it is nice and encouraging to see we made it already to be mentioned in a few blogs in some great shout outs.

 The Pour Curator has a great blog, with a unique take on beer. His main angle is artwork connected with beer and breweries. the labels, the logos, marketing and posters,...
As he stated his mission:
As the craft beer boom has introduced us to myriad and delicious flavors, it has also spawned a great deal of art and design work. Craft breweries are more than just sources of intoxication; they are community hubs for all types of creativity. So this Pour Curator will try and look at craft beer's contributions to art, whether it's through label art, posters, tap handles, or something even stranger, preferably with a glass or goblet of deliciousness in hand.
You have no longer any excuse not to be able to be an art loving cultured person. The time to leave discussions of art to wine drinking snobs is over! Follow Greg in his writing and musings, and learn all about art, while never letting your glass by empty. Next time you're with your buddies, you'll know how to impress them.

Check out his article about our logo here: The Pour Curator.

Next is a great duo of brothers, Don and Jim Galligan, the Beer & Whiskey Brothers . Their motto says it all: "Keep in good spirits, and keep the good spirits in ya!"
We’re two brothers separated by 2,500 miles of America and united by a love of beer and whiskey.
Jim is the beer geek, with a true passion for big character beers and the brewers with the guts to make them.
Don is the whiskey guy, with a palate like fine food critic and a love for all things whiskey; the history, the distilling process, and the drinking. Especially the whiskey drinking!
Beer & Whiskey Brothers is our chance to celebrate the amazing variety of really special brews and batches that continue to emerge at a wonderfully rapid pace, and to talk about life as beer and whiskey lovers just trying to keep up with it all.
With a great sense of humor, they show a deep understanding of the high culture of drinking: they  know that at the core, drinking is social, a way to connect with people, both old friends and new friends alike. A wide range of topics is discussed, always with a fun and different take. A great place to stop by once in a while!

To see Don's article mentioning Saint William Brewery, click here: Beer & Whiskey Brothers.

One of the most amazing things I am learning on the way to our first batch of delicious brew, is the great camaraderie, the warm welcoming people everywhere in beerland. As a friend commented on the article on beer in the Ancient Middle East: "As I could see on the news today, they are urgently in need to learn to brew and drink it again..." If only we could share this great friendship and peace enhancing habit of sharing beer together all over the world... So, next time you pour yourself a cold brew, raise your glass in a toast and prayer, that all might convert, one pint at a time.


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  1. Cheers Wim! Thanks for the shoutout.

    Hope all is going well and looking forward to a goblet of Saint William soon!