Tuesday, November 1, 2011

October snow surprise

We've had quite a weekend and week, so far!
This past Saturday, October 29th, an early snowstorm battered the Northeastern corner of the United States. It broke all kinds of records, most of them about early snowfall maximums. It was, for example, the first such storm since the civil war. Here where we live, we had about 6-8 inches of heavy, sticky snow. Since it came so early, the trees still had most of their leaves. That proved to be a bad combination: branches and even whole trees broke off and toppled down under the heavy accumulated weight of the snow. This knocked out power lines everywhere, resulting in over 3 million people without power in the Northeast.
Power companies have hundreds of repair crews out, around the clock, but given the massive extent of the damage, our area will be out until Thursday, perhaps even Friday.
I was out at the Stirling Hotel, talking with the owners in preparation of an article here about how they made the Stirling Hotel into one of the best craft beer bars in Central New Jersey. Coming home, I found we had lost power. Today I am at a local coffee place to send this update, so look out for an article about this great bar soon!
Losing power means for a lot of people losing heating, and for those with well water, loss of water as well. The only bright point is that it gets so cold inside the house, that the beer from the powerless fridge stays nice and cool to drink. Always look at the bright side of life, someone has famously said... Any reason to celebrate is a good one, having no reason probably the best of them all. Loosing so much of our comfort only shows how blessed we are and how much we have and so easily take for granted. Now that is a lesson I happily toast on, with a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale at a nice frosty room temperature. Cheers all!

A picture's worth a thousand words:

The trees in our back yard could not bear the weight, even as I tried to save
the furthest tree by throwing snowballs at  its branches in an effort to
 relieve some weight.

Never knew trees could be that flexible...

I heard that the state of New Jersey has ordered 10,000 new electricity poles..

This happened all over the area. Still wondering what made that pole in
 the previous picture  snap?

Blocked streets everywhere, and live wires all over. Ignoring that, the snow
 does give a nice early Christmas feel, doesn't it? Feel like a nice stout
or dubbel Trapist beer... 

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